Samegrelo is a unique region in Georgia which is prominent not only because of its big population but also amazing because of its historical peculiarities .
Dipping in atmosphere of the area you’ll be fascinated because of variety of fortresses and castles still keeping a breath of the previous era, and nice local dialect related to Georgian language but still different will caress your ear .
Get ready be welcomed by Samegrelo as the most desirable guest! When you are at table you’ll definitely appreciate inimitable food which includes corn, cheese, vegetables and the most spicy seasoning and sauces as well! You’ll taste real kharcho- roast of veal with nut, megrelian satsivi ( bazhe)- a special walnut sauce seasoned with various seasoning and made of nuts for in Samegrelo it grows almost in every yard!
By the way the most famous cheese of Georgia which has become real classic comes from Samegrelo. Of course it is suluguni. If you like suluguni then you’ll enjoy of  megrelian hors d’oeuvres gebzhalia made of suluguni and mint in matsoni sauce. No doubt you’ll also like traditional megrelian food such as mamaliga, elarji and megrelian khachapuri. Also Samegrelo will treat you its own brand which is Ojaleshi wine . This sort of grapes is grown here in foothills, monastics plant it and make the wine from it. This wine may be called standard but however it’s not  for selling.As for showplaces in Samegrelo you will be amazed by Colchis kingdom existing here at one time which later was known as Byzantine province. Nowadays this oldest and main historic-architectural monument of Georgia is known as Tsikhe-Goji and Arkheopolis- a town-fortress Nakalakevi, princes’ Dadiani residence.
The remained  fortresses will open their amazing beauty and architecture for you. You should see Russian fortress near Zugdidi, old fortress Anaklia, on the beach at fall into Enguri sea, Chakvindji fortress by the Chanisktskali river, a small fortress Shkhepi. You’ll also see the old monasteries and temples, the first and main one for Samegrelo is Chkondidi monastery in Martvili. And of course Dadiani palace in Zugdidi which represents a special historical value. The palace belonged to princes of Samegrelo David Dadiani and Ekaterina Chavchavadze.

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Museum complex includes also a church and Botanical Garden Dadiani. Museum has a unique collection of art works connected both to private and state life of prince’s family. Summer residence of Dadiani princes, Salkhino is a territory with medieval temple of Blessed Virgin, park, menagerie, cable spring to the river and 150-years-old wine cellar.
The most favorite place of rest and excursion for both Georgians  and tourists is Martvili canyon -the narrow of Abasha river in 2,5 km length. You can travel along the canyon both by boat or swimming, it depends on your goals and time. In Martvili you’ll enjoy of a virgin beauty of nature. There is the one of the biggest hydroelectric power plant in Caucasus on the Enguri river . Don’t forget to visit waterfalls  and caves of Samegrelo. And if you’re interested in club life then sea resort Anaklia is for you !
Of course megrelian music and culture deserve special attention. They took their traditions from the neighbors  but also have kept their own. Apart from songs megrelian popular creation is reflected in fairytales. Megrelians are great dancers. Fairy atmosphere of Samegrelo will remain in your heart forever!

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Top destinations in Samegrelo

Dadiani palaces Historical and Architectural museum
kolkheti National Park
Anaklia Resort
Tsalenjikha, Tsalenjikha cathedral
Specialty museumsGachedili Canyon
Zugdidi Botanical Garden
Anaklia-Ganmukhuri pedestrian bridge
Martvili , Intsra canyons
Skuri resort
Inguri Hydropower Plant
Shurubumu Canyon
Martvili, Abasha,Senaki, Khobi

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