Kartli is a center of Caucasus lowland, its focus keeping the rich history of Georgian people. In the early medieval the Georgian state originated here. Kartlian people are mixed blood. People of different ethnic groups live here but most of them are kartlians. They are a core of Georgian people. Kartlian dialect is considered as a canonical and literary. They teach exact this pronunciation at schools and courses for foreigners. The borders in Kartli go along the Kura river, in Roman and Greek sources Kartli is mentioned as ancient Iberia. Kartli consists of two provinces-Kvemo-Katli with the center in Rustavi and Shida-Kartli with the center in Gori.
Kvemo-Kartli is the most picturesque region of Georgia. Not any other land has that ethnic variety. You will see the dense and picturesque flood-plain forests that have always been considered as famous hunting estates. Nowadays these forests enter into Gardabani Park and are under protection of the government. If you love an active holidays then Algeti Park whith mountainous relief caved by various rivers, an island of a wild nature located rather closely to Tbilisi will be very interesting for you. If you value an ancient architecture you’ll definitely note the influence of Germans in many villages in Kvemo-Kartli- houses which have been built in a traditional German style, the ruins of Lutheran churches and German cemeteries.
You’ll also like the important and impressive historical monuments. There’s an especially picturesque and absolutely inaccessible town-fortress Birtvisi of 11 century among such monuments. To get it might be a challenge. You need physical shape and strong nerves.

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Shida-Kartli is mostly a fruitful flatland on which wheat,vegetables,melons and guards,beetroot, fruits and of course grapes are grown.
If you cross Kartalini lowland by car on autobahn the meadows and mountain ranges may seem to you boring at first glance. Actually in the folds of the mountains the real art works of medieval church architecture and monastery complexes hiding away. You’ll definitely be interested in knowing where Joseph Vissarionovich Djugashvili was born and grown up!   Go to the Stalin House-museum in Gori and you’ll see his personal railway wagon and building where there are still lot of his things.
Have you ever seen how the bread is baked in the big ceramic cylinder shaped jars? A baker is making fire in the bottom and quickly putting the flat cakes on the walls in order the bread will be crispy. Would you like to try? Come to Kartli! You have to taste also the local food  chakapuli which is spring meal made of the meat of lamb and various sorts of green, vegetation foods, dogwood cream-soup with seasoning and kharcho-soup. Only in Kartli you can try wine with the same name which you hardly can find in the shops. The geographic location gives the area the warm climate with dry summer months. The vineyard are irrigated artificially which is an excellent conditions for growing  the raw material when making the wine.
There is an unusual statue in the center of Tbilisi on the Sololaki hill
which is called Kartlis Deda and translated as The Mother of all Georgians. The statue images a woman holding a sword in her right hand (for the enemies) and a cup with wine in her left one (for friends). The Mother Kartli is a symbol of whole country, means that Georgia is hospitable but free loving. The cup of Kartlian wine is always full for you, so please become the desirable guest!

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Top destinations in Kartli

Uplistsikhe cave town
Shio-Mgvime Monastery
Gori, State Museum Of Joseph Stalin
Algeti national park
The urban archaeology of Dmanisi
The canyons of Dashbashi
Bateti, Ertso, Nadarbazevi lakes
Liakhvi national natural reserve
Surami fortress
Kintsvisi, Samtavisi, Tsvromi, Kvatakhevi Monastery

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