Probably the first association that comes to people’s mind when hearing the word “Georgia” is wine. Only then they recall mountains,valleys,abundance of fruits and hospitality. Indeed Georgia is a birthplace of winemaking in Europe. In this respect It has already won away the garland from France. The part of country where they make the best wine is called Kakheti. You should come here not only to see Alazani Valley planted with the vineyards to the very horizon which you can look at from the vallum; not just for walking along the streets of the most romantic Georgian town Signakhi which is called “the town of love” because of the special atmosphere and an opportunity to register your marriage any time of day or night; neither should you come here only for the wine which is made by everyone ,there are so many both wineries and vineyards here. Well,even visiting Telavi the capital may not be the main reason. ( aforementioned is enough though to include Kakheti among the list of must visit places.)
You should come here for history and impressions,for long walks and Georgian mode of life. Do you not yet believe ? We’re going to convince you!
If you’re fond of history and there’s nothing more exciting for you than watching the old temples and castles then you are welcome to Kakheti! There is Bodbe monastery here keeping for years the remains of Saint Nino,castle Gremi is the only thing has been left from the big, ancient and powerful city; there’s the castle Erekle 2 in the middle of Telavi,the complex of David Gareji cave temples of 6 century which is the one of three cave temples in Georgia.
If you can’t help admiring the landscapes,climbing high to enjoy of the hidden beauty then you are welcome to Tusheti. Here you can get pleasure from nature and also pay a visit the inhabitants. Thus you’ll definitely experience the local color,which the big cities are usually lacking of.
If you are a fan of the nature but yet not ready to conquer the tops of the mountains then you can visit Vashlovani National Park, Kvareli lake or Lagodekhi Park. Especially for those enjoying the riding Lagodekhi might be a wonderful place.
The icing of the cake is Tsinadali estate which is built in European architecture and in the past used to belong to the Chavchavadze princes. Built in 19 century it became the center of intellectual life of Georgia . Chavchavadze had been visited by Pushkin, Lermontov, Odoevski and even by the french writer Alexandr Duma . The love story of Alexandr Griboedov and the princess Nina Chavchavadze began here. Nowadays there’s a museum in an estate.
As we’ve already mentioned there are a lot of wineries in Kakheti. Some of the best ones are :
Khareba Wine Cellar, “Shumi” Winery, Kakhetian traditional winemaking, Gahuni Gvinis Marani, Bagrationi, Sarajishvili, Marani Kakheti, Twins Wine Cellar, Shio Wine Cellar, Chateau Mere, Shato Muhrani, Wine Company Dugladze

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Saperavi ( red dry wine), Mukuzani (red dry wine), Kindzmarauli ( semi-sweet wine), Teliani ( red dry wine) are more popular among red kakhetian wines. Rkatsiteli ( white dry wine), Tsinandali (white vintage wine). Besides Georgian chacha is produced in Kakheti. Some factories produce brandy as well. You’ll be able to taste wine in any of the said factories. In Kakheti you can not only drink wine but also enjoy simple,delicious,meaty food. Try khashlama,it’s meat with vegetables; or kaurma-variety meat  with vegetables; chakapuli ,it’s meat cooked with dill, estragon,coriander,cherry -plum.
Telling about Kakheti may be interesting and long but as we know to see once is much better than to hear many times. So come to us and we’ll gladly help you to organize a tour in this unforgettable pla

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Top destinations in Kakheti

Bodbe monastery
Tsinandali palace
David Gareja Monastery
Kvareli Lake
Gremi Nekresi Monastery
Tunnel Winery Khareba
Gurgenia Waterfall
Shuamta, Ikalto Monasteries
House-museum of Chavchavadze

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