Ajaria bathed by the Black Sea is located in South-West Georgia. Its capital is Batumi, a town of unusual architecture,bars,restaurants,cafes and casinos. Besides this town is very modern and green.
For those liking a quiet recreation on the beach Kobuleti and Ureki are just right places. On the border with Turkey there’s another popular beach- Sarpi. It’s famous for its azure color and crystal clear water. The Shekvetili beach is famous for being thinly populated and its magnetic black sand and  pine trees growing along the coast. All these beaches are nice for passive recreation, but if you like to be more active then you’ll appreciate Batumi.
During some period of time Ajaria had been influenced by Turkey which affected both the religion ( the most of ajarian peopleare Muslims) and the food. For example the food includes eastern sweets and pastry ( shakarlama,baklava) , doesn’t have pork at all. It can be the meat of beef,lamb or some kind of bird.
Besides while cooking they like to use milk and milk produce.
Ajarian people have their own special cheese that can’t be mixed up. Also they have sour cream. Being in the neighborhood of the sea means that ajarians use different kind of fish for cooking. You must try some foods here. The most famous one is ajarian khachapuri ( acharuli) : uncovered boat like pie with cheese,egg and butter.

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It’s very delicious and hearty. Other meal-malakhto-is cooked from boiled kidney beans with green , walnuts,seasoning,onion and the juice of immature grape. Sinori consists of the thin cakes of dough sluiced with the sauce made of cottage cheese,garlic matsoni and melted butter. To cook borano they also use cheese ,melted butter and eggs. Yakhni is cooked from soft pieces of beef ,seasoning and walnuts.
Well ,now you know that Ajaria can offer to the tourists a beach recreation, a full list of the urban fun in Batumi and a culinary tour. What else does the region have?
1)Gonio. The Rome fortress that protected well -strengthened town far back in 2 century CE. Actually it’s not a fortress but the ruins of it.
2)Petra. One more fortress has been standing from the Roman times.
3)Khikhani. The most interesting and inaccessible fortress. It was built in 12 century. During several centuries the ajarian princes had been ruling from here.
4)Arched bridges. For example a famous bridge in Mukhuntseti.
5)Skhalta monastery . Probably was built in 13 century. Its wonderful frescoes in Byzantian style date from 14-15 centuries.
Nine kilometers far from Batumi there’s Botanical Garden in the sides of Green Cape. It has such a name because of being all-year covered with green. After walks in Botanical Garden you can swim in the waters of Green Cape or stay in one of the hotels there. Those liking diving and surfing will definitely appreciate it too.
Beshumi resort belongs to kind of highland resorts. Amid the Alpine meadows the small wooden houses are standing. A lot of the shops, toilets,water. This air is particularly beneficial for people with diseases of pipes.
There are two National Parks in Ajaria: Kintrishi and Mtirala. Kintrishi is 80 % covered with green . There are lots of rivers and streams. There are also two picturesque lakes : Sidzerdzali and Tbikeli. Mtirala Park is famous for its wet climate ,virgin kolkhidian forest,boxen groven, a number of small lakes,waterfall and cable-railway.
You also have to visit Machakhela canyon. You’ll see the Gvara fortress, some arched bridges and waterfalls. The Mirveti waterfall is worth special attention. It flows down the rocks feeding the rich vegetation around and creating an atmosphere of being in fairy land.
The one of the most beautiful places of Ajaria is Transajarian highway. What interesting thing can the road have? The great panoramas around create its charm.
Ajaria is a pearl of Georgia. And like any pearl it is gorgeous. We invite you to come here and make your own opinion about it.

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Top destinations in Adjara

Piazza park; 6 May Park
Monument to Ali and Nino; Batumi Alphabet Tower
Astronomical clock
Europe Square
Gonio Apsar Fortress; Peter Fortress
Batumi Dolphinarium;Batumi Boulevard
Tskhinvali waterfall
Cathedral of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Ethnographic Museum "Borzhgalo"
Mtirala National Park, Kintrishi
Batumi Dolphinarium, Botanical Garden, National Park
Batumi Mall
Mahuntseti Bridge
Sarpi beach


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