Tbilisi is a capital and a heart of Georgia. In 5th century Vakhtang Gorgasalia moved the here from Mtskheta,and Georgia had started a “warm” capital . Because Georgian word “tbili” means warm. Nowadays this is modern international city in which people from all over the world are coming. Anyone will find something extra interesting for himself. If you want to meet an old city you need to get the oldest part of Tbilisi,which has the same name-Old city. You’ll see here Sioni and Metekhi temples, Narikala fortress, Sameba temple, Holy Trinity cathedral,the oldest church Anchiskhati, Fig Ravine, a waterfall inside of the city and of course Abanotubani- those very sulfur baths which has worked so far and are ready to welcome anybody. Also Botanical Garden, Narikala fortress which you can get to by a funicular from Rike Park. A beautiful view of Tbilisi greets us from there. But more magnificent panorama greets you from Mtatsminda mountain. To get to the top and to the park of the same name you can use the tram.
We have to mention separately  Shardeni sideway and Bambis kucha in parallel with it. In the past there were the shopping arcades but now the streets are full of the cafes, restaurants,bars and caraoke pubs. There are even a couple of salons. Very interesting place with a specific atmosphere. And of course at every turn you’ll meet the wine shops where you can taste and buy the wine.
Since Tbilisi was one of the main town on a Silk Way you can see here former caravansaries. We’d call them business centers of the past. People used to buy something here ,stay overnight,eat or bargain. Walking around an  old city don’t miss an opportunity to see the Bridge of Piece. It’s fully made from glass. Approximately 10000 lamps are inbuilt into the glass. They are switched on a little before a sunset.

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The Baratashvili street is fair with its polyfoil balconies. This street will amaze you by the beautiful buildings for lot of them were built by Italian architects according to the requirements of noblemen’s and chapmen’s order . To plan an excursion around the parades of Tbilisi is the best decision. Thus you’ll see the most beautiful accesses of the city.There are a lot of restaurants,cafes,bars, nightclubs for every tastes and pocket.Except for Georgian food ( you’d definitely heard about delicious khinkali,khachapuri,acharuli,eggplants with walnuts and etc) you can also taste a European ,Thai,Chinese food. Do you like opera? There’s the Opera in Rustaveli street. The building has recently been completely rebuilt . What about theatres? Welcome to the Russian Griboedov Theatre , tbilisi Marjanishvili theatre, Armenian Adamyan theatre , Vaso Abashidze theatre of music and drama or Rezo Gabriadze puppet-play. Museums? Welcome to National museum of Georgia, National gallery,Ethnographic museum , Soviet occupation museum or art museum in Georgia.
There are three hugest trade centers of the capital: Gallery at Liberty Square, East Point and Tbilisi Mall. Each of them has a lot of brand shops, fast food restaurants and coffee houses. There are modern Cavea cinemas as well in Gallery and Tbilisi Mall. And cinema City is one more.
People in Georgia like doing handmade. In Tbilisi you can buy really original things which are only a few examples or made especially for you. In addition the Georgian designers are world-famous. That’s why every  year here it is the week of fashion. So if you’d like to fill your wardrobe with some estreat element of clothes then the local brands will help you. Hopefully we’ve succeeded to persuade you that Tbilisi is the one of the most interesting cities not only in Georgia but in the world. The least thing left – just to come here!

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Top destinations in Tbilisi

Old Town, Peace Bridge, Metekhi Fortress
Cableway in Tbilisi Rike Park
Tsminda Sameba, Narikala Fortress
Theater Rezo Gabriadze
Georgian National Museum
Rustaveli Avenue, Agmashenebeli Avenue
National Botanical Garden of Georgia
Mtatsminda Children's Amusement Park
Ensemble History of Georgia
Tbilisi Ethnographic Museum
National Gallery of Georgia ("Blue Gallery")
Turtle Lake, Lisi Lake
Pantheon of Writers and Public Figures of Georgia Mtatsminda
East point

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