There is a town called Batumi which acred along the banks of Black Sea in Ajaria ,in the north-west of Georgia. It’s a pearl of Georgia and a center of tourist life. That means you have places to go and to see.
Batumi has been intensely rebuilt since 2008, as a result a simple but beautiful post-soviet town has turned into modern and unusual one. Particularly Batumi architecture amaze. For instance the building of Ministry of justice looks like upturned bottle. Due to backlighting you can see it at night. Or a former National Bank with the tower clock. Renewed facades of old buildings which add more originality to the town. If you like dancing welcome to the clubs. Probably you’d like to catch the fortune by its tail. You can do it in any of numerous casinos. Not without reason Batumi is called a Georgian Las-Vegas.
What else can you see in Batumi?
First of all it is the sea and the beach. The sea is warm and there are not really too many vacationists here.
Secondly it is a wonderful Boulevard,which stretches for 7 km along the seaside. From here you can turn toward the Singing Fountains, have a snack in any of the numerous cafe or restaurant which lie astride the Boulevard, see colonnades, moving monument Ali and Nino, or without turning anywhere you can walk here resting on the benches from time to time.
Thirdly, Piazza square is a small piece of Italy here in Batumi. There’s a tower clock here so that you may always realize what time it is just turning your head. But you’ll like time to stop though , such a beautiful place  it is. If you stay here  and feel hungry you can have a meal here as well.

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Fourthly, the square of Europe or argonauts. Do you remember Medea who helped argonauts to get the golden fleece? Her statue stands in the center of the square. Medea and buildings around are wonderful. If you like to refresh a little you can do, cause there is a fountain here.
Fifthly, the Alphabet Tower which is easily recognizable. The building 130 meter high with a silver sphere on the top . The sphere is twined with wide metal strips with all 33 letters of Georgian alphabet are written on. A tower is the one of the best observation decks.
Sixthly ,dolphinarium. No need to describe anything. Who doesn’t love these wonderful sea creatures ?
Seventhly, Botanical Garden. It’s about 9 km far away from the town. But it’s worthy to spend a whole day to go and see it. The plants from the whole world are collected here. The garden is divided into 21 zones and occupies 113 hectares. There are a lot of descents and ascents here, because the garden is located on a side of Green Cape.
In addition the town is active, full of interesting life and movements. If you like dancing you’re welcome to the clubs. There are lot of them here and many unusual interesting buildings as well.
At night Batumi is sparkling with different colors of the rainbow and it’s something unforgettable for everyone who has come here. Music is heard everywhere and combines with a sound of the waves. The sun warms , the air makes you feel good not less than a wine does. So NOT TO COME is almost a sin! And we definitely recommend you TO COME!

Video about Batumi

Batumi Photo Gallery

Top destinations in Batumi

Piazza park
6 May Park
Monument to Ali and Nino
Batumi Alphabet Tower
Astronomical clock
Europe Square
Batumi Dolphinarium
Batumi Boulevard
Ethnographic Museum "Borzhgalo"
Batumi Dolphinarium,
Batumi National Park;Botanical Garden
Batumi Mall
Batumi Technological Museum named after the Nobel brothers


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